Tellington TTouch® for You

Inspiring Self Care

The Science

Multiple studies on the effects of Tellington TTouch® have been conducted over the past 35 years. (click here to see the studies)

These studies have revealed convincing evidence that applying the TTouch® method reduces pain and stress levels, improves energy levels, and works on animals and humans. Numerous study results demonstrated marked improvements in health conditions across a wide spectrum.

Groundbreaking studies showed the activation of the ‘Awakened Mind State’ in persons receiving and applying Tellington TTouch®. This is defined as a state of consciousness with Alpha, Beta, Theta, and Delta brain waves balanced in both brain hemispheres.

These studies continue to support and inspire Linda’s passion for Whole Brain Learning—a core premise of the Tellington Method.

Among the many published studies showing the effects of TTouch®, those in healthcare are some of the most remarkable. Use of the TTouch® method has been shown to lower blood pressure, improve brain injury recovery, and help to reduce pain.

In addition to published papers, there are more than 10,000 documented case studies demonstrating the effects of TTouch®.